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May 1, 2024 | Fashion Eyewear

Preventing Eye Strain with Anti-Fatigue Lenses

People today are spending more time than ever staring at screens. From our smartphones to laptops to tablets, our eyes are constantly working overtime. While digital devices are an unavoidable part of our daily routine, they can affect our eye health. Too much screen time can take a toll on your eyes, leading to a condition known as digital eye strain (or computer vision syndrome).  

Some common signs of digital eye strain include:  

  • Dry eyes 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Headaches  
  • Neck and shoulder pain 
  • Trouble focusing 

Eye strain and presbyopia 

Eye strain is a common issue for people with presbyopia. As we get older, the lenses in our eyes become stiffer and less flexible. This eventually leads to a condition known as presbyopia, which affects your ability to focus on close-up objects. Signs of this condition include trouble reading text on smartphones or computers or needing to hold reading materials farther away to see them clearly. You may also experience headaches and eye strain after reading or focusing on close-up objects for long periods.   

How anti-fatigue lenses can help 

Anti-fatigue lenses help address digital eye strain by providing an optimized lens design for viewing content up close. These lenses are ideal for people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who spend a significant amount of time using smartphones or other electronic devices. By helping tired eyes relax, these lenses make it easier to focus on screens for long periods without experiencing discomfort.  

At Dr. Gary Tracy Optometry & Eyewear, we offer Zeiss digital lenses that can provide relief from digital eye strain. These lenses have a smaller intermediate vision zone for a smoother transition between near and distance vision with minimal head/eye movement. This means your head and neck will be in a relaxed position all day long, making it easier for you to work for long periods.  

Many anti-fatigue lenses also come with integrated blue light protection. The screens of digital devices like computers and tablets emit blue light that can affect our sleep and strain our eyes. Wearing anti-fatigue lenses with blue light protection can help ease the strain on your eyes and reduce negative effects. 

If you’re experiencing eye strain frequently or for an extended period, contact Dr. Gary Tracy Optometry & Eyewear today to schedule an appointment! From the latest advancements in lens technology to unique frames you won’t find anywhere else in the area, we have everything you need to see clearly in style!