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About Dr. Gary Tracy Optometry
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For nearly five decades, Dr. Gary Tracy Optometry & Eyewear has been a trusted name in providing exceptional eye health and vision care, always personalized to meet the unique needs of each patient we serve. 

You deserve eyewear that showcases your personality and enhances your unique style. That’s why we offer a collection of eyeglass frames that are not only fashionable but also truly one-of-a-kind. We carry a carefully curated selection of gorgeous frames from around the world! 

Along with unique eyewear, we also provide top-notch eye care services tailored to your individual needs. Whether you require a routine eye exam, treatment for computer vision problems, or contact lenses for a “hard-to-fit” condition, we are here to ensure that your eyes receive the highest level of specialized care they deserve.   

Dr. Gary Tracy


Dr. Gary Tracy is one of New York City’s most respected optometrists, in business since 1974 on the Upper West Side. He handles all types of cases, from thorough eye exams and hard-to-fit contact lenses to computer vision problems and external diseases. 

    More about Dr. Gary Tracy

    Dr. Tracy has been interviewed for publications like The New York Times, Business Week, Time Out, Family Circle, Men’s Health, and the Chicago Tribune. His clients include many well-known celebrities (John Lennon was a patient for four years). He’s also provided frames and consulted for several movies. 

    Dr. Tracy earned his Doctorate from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and is a member and lecturer for the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the New York State Optometric Association. 

    Outside of the office, Dr. Tracy enjoys biking and spending time with his family. 

    Dr. Lauren Wolitzer


    Dr. Lauren Wolitzer received her Doctor of Optometry from the New York State College of Optometry. Before her graduate education, Dr. Wolitzer received her B.A. in Psychology cum laude from New York University. She performs comprehensive eye exams, provides fittings for contact lenses and eyeglasses, and manages and treats an array of ocular diseases including glaucoma and dry eye. 

    More about Dr. Lauren Wolitzer

    Dr. Wolitzer completed a three-month intensive rotation in a specialty contact lens clinic where she received additional training in diagnosing and fitting patients with keratoconus and irregular corneas. Additionally, Dr. Wolitzer was the 2013 recipient of the American Optometric Foundation Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care. 

    Preet Kaur, ABOL

    Licensed Optician & Practice Manager

    Preet is a passionate optician with over 15 years’ experience in the eyewear industry. She has an aesthetic eye to understand your facial structure to assist you with the perfect fit.

    More about Preet Kaur, ABOL

    Preet also enjoys working in the lab, providing the knowledge and skills to carry out professional and quality glasses repairs. With her knowledge of different types of lenses, she can offer valuable and high-quality advice for your eyewear. With her experience, she became an expert in dealing with a variety of cases including complex prescriptions and troubleshooting.

    Preet has been featured in the optical industry publications including Vision Monday, 20/20, and Invision Magazine.

    Outside of the office, Preet enjoys traveling, meditating, and reading.

    Dora Rodriguez


    Dora Rodriguez is our Optician with eight years of experience. She specializes in ophthalmic dispensing and is responsible for educating patients on how to properly use their glasses and contact lenses.

    More about Dora Rodriguez

    Dora is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to provide patients with great customer service.

    In her free time, she likes to travel, eat and workout. 

    Mimi Cohen 

    Patient Coordinator

    Mimi Cohen is a native New Yorker with a decades of experience in the health care industry. She keeps us efficient so we can help you from “hello” to “see you again soon!”

    More about Mimi Cohen

    Mimi has been a cabaret performer and a member of a folk duo. She likes to introduce herself as an author or a performer of her own Off-Broadway musical, where she loves playing her favorite role of being a Mom.

    A Conversation with Dr. Gary Tracy

    GROWING UP: I was born in Utica, NY. My father was in the Army, so my family moved often, from Germany to South Carolina to Syracuse and Hawaii, where I graduated high school. I attended the University of South Carolina and earned my Doctorate at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia. 

    GETTING INTO OPTOMETRY: I was nearsighted as a child and always found it amazing to walk into the optometrist’s office and leave with greatly improved vision. When I was a freshman in high school, we had to research professions and select our favorites. I listed optometry, especially since math and science were my best subjects. 

    COMING TO NEW YORK/STARTING A BUSINESS: When I got out of school, I headed to New York City. I got my first apartment in the Upper West Side, a furnished studio by Riverside Drive in the West 70s for $150. I started by working for others, in all parts of the city. I opened my own business by accident in 1974. A friend of mine opened a flower store on Columbus Avenue and 73rd, and an identical space was available next door. I signed a five-year lease; I was ready to try running my own business.  

    It was exciting to be on the Upper West Side in those days! Neighbors would gather for volleyball and Sunday morning softball. Columbus Avenue was on the brink of booming, and Lincoln Center was happening. A lot of my clients turned out to be in the arts, like John Lithgow, Chris Lahti, Farley Granger, and Angela Lansbury. It was exciting to watch a TV show, a movie or play, a ballet or concert and recognize a patient. You didn’t meet people like this in optometry school! And of course, I met my wife Julie here! She came into the store one day in 1977, and the rest is history. 

     A SPECIAL MEMORY: TAKING CARE OF JOHN LENNON’S EYES: One day I spotted John and Yoko peering into the storefront window. The next night he walked in at closing time, requesting an exam. My receptionist was about to suggest an appointment for another day, but when I saw who it was, I immediately offered to see him right then! I was really nervous as I examined and fit him for eyeglasses. John was a regular for five years. He proved to be quite a “regular” person. I examined him several times and sold him many pairs of glasses. 

    MOVING ON—A NEW STORE, A NEW ERA: In 1979, I moved to my present location on Amsterdam Avenue. Both the neighborhood and business were evolving. “Hippies” turned into “yuppies,” and more optical shops moved in to serve them. To stay competitive, I had to become more involved in the business end of things. I learned about cash flow, profit and loss, managing staff and patients, and dealing with managed care. And I learned about marketing—from designing attractive store displays to publishing newsletters, back in the days before the Internet. 

    CHANGE IS GOOD: The practice has also changed a lot since I started. For example, we can now use eye drops for diagnosing disease, such as topical anesthetics and dilating drops. State laws were changed to allow optometrists to treat external diseases and prescribe treatments: anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, anti-viral and anti-allergic drugs, and treatments for glaucoma. Patients sometimes ask me if I’m getting bored with practicing optometry, and I always answer “No!” It’s exciting to keep up with a constantly evolving practice and new products. There’s a line from a Bob Dylan song that has greatly influenced my thinking: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” The world is changing with every minute, and I hope to always be aware and amazed and adaptable to these changes.